facebook personas

What does it mean to be angry all the time? A jaw line constantly tense.

If I could get inside your head – what would be there? Where does your need for power come from? When you feel it slipping away, another lashing out through a keyboard, attacking someone already in a vulnerable position. Even if it’s a terrible, cyclical failure of a coping mechanism, my first question is still, how does that make you feel better in the moment? I see you running to kick a kid lying on asphalt after they’ve already been knock downed by a bully. Never are you the immediate bully – individually, you lack any real position – and yet, your actions reinforce the idea that this kid should be on the ground. And maybe that’s the answer to my question – where you get your sense of power: you are one who reinforces – keeping those people down, jiggling the handle on the door, showing your friends that it is latched and locked.    

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